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Awaken.Level Up.Enrich Your Life.



One on One Sessions

soulfully tailored to achieve TOTAL EMPOWERMENT



Sessions designed for couples ready to explore their relationship and expand their love and connectivity.



Holistic approach online workshops.  Sign up for my email to be notified first of all upcoming workshops and promotions!



Learn to pray with supportive recordings as well as 1:1 support.

My one-on-one coaching packages and holistic programs are uniquely tailored to what you need to thrive! Whether you want to have your first orgasm, or the reach life-altering ecstatic states, I use my signature Spiritual Mastery Process as our guide (see below for more details).
I always begin with a complimentary connection call for first-time clients!



You are the rebel. The rogue soul who has not quite sorted out your life purpose and are often found living in yesteryear.  You know you not only want more from life, damnit, you DEMAND better love, more money, and more freedom! 


Yet here you sit, with all the great ideas and no idea what to do with them. YOU start here. Right here. Right now.   

This is where you come to take radical responsibility of your life. Where you learn the truth of all the blocks which have kept you in mediocrity and lacking love.  

This is your calling. The call to bring everything you think you are and everything you thought you would be. All in one place. To be witnessed without judgement. Held in deep compassion, understanding and experience.  To be you.


This is your time to dominate your demons, shed the past and emerge as the maker of not only dreams, but REALITY.


You have a goal. Hell! You have numerous goals!  You have them all written down in a book or on a thousand sticky notes in all the places you frequent. You have yet to achieve them. You ask, “Why am I here – why me? What do I have that sets me apart?”

You have a dream. And it is a damn beautiful one. It is not enough to have a dream. It is not enough to want to do something about it. You must take action! Without action, it remains nothing but a scribble on a piece of paper or a picture posted on your wall.  

This is where you open yourself up. Your heart, your mind, your creativity. Where you drop the linear thinking model and go quantum. Where you strip away the stories, the negative self talk, the unworthiness, and you take the steps towards your dreams. You are ready to master your body, emotions and most importantly, your mind.

This is where you have answered the call and are ready to self-actualize. To materialize the dream that you have been pining after for decades.Ring ring…. This is your destiny calling. Are you going to answer the call or spend another decade denying the possibilities of your soul?

It is time to draw back the arrow and trust it will land on the target knowing that you have set the course for it to do just that.


You have mastered your mind, your body, and your emotions. You no longer dream about a life you love; you LIVE the life you love!

The tell-tale signs that you have mastered such pieces of your reality show up when situations are stressful but instead of reacting, you pause and have clarity on the next steps. Other people’s dramas are not yours.  Your awareness and clarity are crystal clear.  You are on your way to spiritual elitism. It is the place most never achieve in this lifetime as they are unable to recognize the self. To acknowledge their soul and live their divine purpose.  

Pat yourself on the back while holding deep gratitude and a consciousness of humility for the teachings go far beyond this lifetime. This is a dip in the vastness of which the Universe has created. You realize your souls’ blueprint. You do the work. You take action towards your goals and you do not have space for playing small.

You are gaining momentum. You are continuously developing your inner landscape and cultivating everything from a place of inner peace.

You recognize you are the soul. A spiritual being having a human experience. You are a child of divine light, love, and power. A child of God. You are one with God, you are one with all.

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