Isn't this romantic?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and there can be a lot of pressure to be in a relationship or to have a date. Of course, nobody wants to be alone on Valentine's Day! It's supposed to be the most romantic day of the year!

Did you know... Valentine's Day has origins from the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which was a festival to celebrate the arrival of spring, fertility annnd a chance for women to be paired up with men by lottery.

I know what you are thinking, paired up with men by "lottery"? What kind of society would ever do such a thing? Times have sure changed and people have evolved since then. The family dynamic was more valued then. Now, it seems that divorce has been made easy and people are trying to marry for love. While it is wonderful and deeply beautiful to marry for love, love isn't always enough. (Sorry to all the hopeless romantics!)

Hollywood and movies have done a great job of creating these scenes of happy endings where two people fall madly in love and it always seems to work out. What you don't learn from the movies is what actually happens in real life...

So... what actually happens in real life?

Two people meet. They get to know one another. Some people move quickly and some, more slowly. Sometimes people settle, and sometimes people let go and keep searching.

The most important part to remember, whether you fall in love online or in person is that RELATIONSHIPS TAKE WORK.

They don't just happen and last forever because two people love each other. Love can be a part of the foundation, but it isn't the only ingredient to a successful relationship.

Communication, trust, integrity, loyalty, values, friendship and of course, love, are ingredients to building a solid foundation in your relationship.

To help you on your journey to building a lasting relationship, check out the following post by clicking the link or the picture!

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Whether we write it in the sand or write it in the stars, the words "I LOVE YOU!" can change your life.

With love,



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