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I'm a Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Podcaster with a passion for helping others to feel strong and build confidence while creating healthy lifestyle habits with simple hacks.


From improving your health, to your relationships with food, yourself and others, I am here to help! 


Your health matters!

This can look like simplifying daily tasks, setting realistic goals, learning simple life hacks, understanding how your choices impact your health, understanding things like anxiety, depression and mood, and tapping into your

FULL potential.

I have worked with a lot of people from all walks of life. 

As a Coach, I have a few very basic beliefs:

1. Everyone deserves to find the happiness they truly desire.

2. As a Coach, my role is to support and encourage you and also push you past what you think your limits are.

3. As a human being, your potential is absolutely limitless!


I do this work because we all deserve MORE. More from ourselves, more from our relationships, more love, more energy and more life.  I believe in what I do because over and over I witness clients transform beyond their wildest dreams. I am on a mission to EMPOWER others to not only harness their own personal power but to wield it in a way that launches them forward. It is my ultimate desire to live in a world where we are all THRIVING rather than just surviving.

My journey to coaching began in 2015 with the loss of my mother.  At the time I felt like I couldn't go on and that I had failed not only my mom, but my family, friends and myself.  I lost my job, my house, my vehicle.  My life had literally shattered into a million pieces - along with my heart.  I chose shitty relationships because I didn't feel I deserved or was worthy of a loving and supportive partner.  


My first big breakthrough occurred when I decided to pack up my dog, cat and myself and move back to my home province of British Columbia.  I had no job or money but I had a deep calling for healing. In 2016, I found myself in Kamloops BC where I found an instructor who taught me one word - AWARENESS.  It was the answer I had been unknowingly waiting for.  Because of this experience, I am now committed to guiding others to listening to their inner callings and healing journey.  I had been so afraid to look inwards because it never felt comfortable to do so.  After that interaction, I was forever changed - for the better. 

Upon completion of the VITA Sex, Love & Relationship coaching program, combined with more than a decade as a Holistic Practitioner, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, as well as ongoing studies of the Bible, I am well equipped and prepared for whatever arises for you during our sessions.

When I am not working with incredible clients, you can find me spending time with my loved ones, out in nature with my dogs, creating something delicious in my kitchen, making art or enjoying my second home - the gym! I also have an obsession with gardening, the beach and anywhere hot and sunny!

Are you ready to experience YOUR TRANSFORMATION?

I invite you to book a COMPLIMENTARY Heart to Heart Welcome Call!

What have you got to lose? Better yet, what have you got to gain?


Certified Holistic Practitioner (1200Hours) BCIHS

Certified Sexuality, Love & Relationship Coach (600Hours) VITA™ Coaching

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